Parent/Carer Consultations and Feedback

Parental Consultations

Occasionally we will offer Parents/Carers the opportunity to take part in a survey. Topics vary.

At present we do not have any surveys but please check back at a later date.

Parent/Carer Feedback

Parents/carers were asked to answer a few questions after they had visited Rye Hills School.  

Here are some of the responses we received:

Why did you select Rye Hills School? 

Talk given by Headteacher at primary school


It's the nearest secondary school to your home


Past academic achievements


Attendance at Y5/Y6 open evening


Primary school activities undertaken at Rye Hills


You have other children or relatives at the school


Son or daughter's preference


The reputation of Rye Hills within the community


Recommendation by a friend or relative


The range of extra-curricular activities offered


Your son/daughter's friends were coming to Rye Hills



  • Parent attended Rye Hills.
  • Very good pupil and teacher support.
  • Recommended by social worker.
  • Brilliant for SEN classes. We were very impressed on open evening. The staff are lovely.
  • All other siblings attended Rye Hills.
  • Looking at performance league tables.
  • They spoke about anti-bullying.


What do you think are the strengths of Rye Hills School? 

  • Good management and offering a wide range of activities
  • Competitive sports, setting expectations. Good academic goal setting
  • Friendly / approachable staff
  • Well balanced school
  • Location, size and student centred policies
  • Very big school which they manage fantastically also for children who need extra help like my son with ADHD
  • Abilities and understanding of the staff
  • The uniform policy and extra-curricular activities
  • Good strong leadership, particularly the new uniform policy
  • Good sports facilities
  • Good reputation
  • Good SEN provision
  • Good facilities and after school activities. Enjoyable classes. Governance structure seems effective
  • Good discipline
  • Has made the transaction easier for the children with the induction days
  • Good levels of teaching and discipline are in place that do not allow bullying
  • They cater for more than just academic needs by putting sports high on the agenda
  • Seems to value the individuality of the students
  • Anti-bullying campaign
  • The new Headteacher
  • Good academic standards; strict but fair
  • Good academic achievements - improving all the time
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Well laid out - easy to find classrooms
  • Well established school in the local community. Variety of extra-curricular activities. Child is very impressed with the Drama department. Impressed with how bullying is tackled. Like the mixed form classes
  • The uniform, giving children independence and high standard of learning. Also mixed ages in form groups - this that is a great thing!
  • Run in a very professional manner
  • Impressive communication with parents. I really have appreciated the information opportunities - meetings and letters so far
  • Sport and Drama and support
  • Making children feel welcome and happy
  • Relationship with primary schools
  • It is a school that has improved standards recently regarding results, uniform and zero tolerance to bullying. It has a good Headmaster with a clear vision for a school on the up
  • Good after school activities, pupils take pride in themselves due to uniform, very informative before
  • Students appear to enjoy the variety of activities available during the Festival of Sport. Smart uniform. Website. Communication with staff has been swift when requesting information
  • Firm but fair Headmaster. Excellent in the specialist sports area. Improvement in academic achievements.
  • Making children feel welcome and happy to study in their new lessons with new teachers
  • Academic grades. Out of school activities
  • Continuous improvements in various areas over the past 2 years since other child started here
  • Strong leadership. The transitional arrangements from primary to secondary
  • Caring friendly environment. Forward thinking leadership team
  • Outstanding results and care for pupils

How would you describe how your child felt in their first few weeks at Rye Hills School?

  • He felt very good!
  • Settled, welcome, enthused!
  • Confident
  • Nervous, scared, excited!
  • Excited as well as apprehensive. Enjoyed first few weeks and seems to have settled in well.
  • Was really looking forward to starting at Rye Hills and it did not disappoint - she really loves it - she enjoys all of her classes and has made new friends
  • Enthusiastic and relaxed!
  • A little apprehensive but it helped with just having Year 7s on the first day to get her bearings. She is now enjoying all aspects of secondary school life
  • Excited, anxious, proud!
  • She is thriving!
  • Quoted from my son: “It’s awesome” - I am a very happy, content mum.
  • Very happy
  • Excited and awestruck
  • Settled in well and felt safe and happy. Appears to making new friends as well as being friends with old school friends
  • Positive all round, enjoying new subjects, coming home with a big smile on his face.
  • My child has absolutely loved his first few weeks at Rye Hills
  • Child very animated and excited about what he is learning, my son’s confidence has been raised by 100%
  • Very looked after and supported
  • Very happy and enjoying school life
  • Loved it! Thought it was better than primary school, really looking forward to the next day, loved all the different lessons
  • Very excited and enthusiastic, not at all nervous and settled straight in. Keen to go to school
  • Really enjoys it, even more than primary school
  • Felt very good
  • Happy and enjoying school life
  • Nervous at first due to size of school but has settled in well and made new friends. She looks forward to going to school and learning new subjects
  • Talked non stop about the school, felt at ease, enjoyed meeting new people
  • Child absolutely loves Rye Hills and talks all the time about what he is doing. He would never talk about Primary School
  • Settled very quickly. Year 7 transition day really helped
  • Excited but a little nervous. Felt safe and comfortable in her new environment
  • Scary at first as he is not from Redcar but he has settled in really well and said its going to be a good 5 years
  • Loves coming to school. On the first Saturday she was sad because she could not go to school at the weekend