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GCSE Catering

The GCSE Catering course offers a unique opportunity for students to develop their knowledge and extend their skills within catering in a vocational context. It is a suitable qualification for those who want a broad background in this area and for those who wish to progress to further education. It will offer valuable preparation for those entering the world of work.

The course encourages the investigation and study of catering in a variety of contexts and uses a range of assessment techniques to enable the candidate to respond through practical and investigative work.

The course follows the WJEC Examinations Board Specification.


  • Unit 1 (Controlled Assessment) : 60%
  • Unit 2 (Written Examination) : 40% - One examination paper at the end of Year 11 

Unit 1 - Catering skills related to food preparation and service

The controlled assessment is structured as follows:

Task 1 - (20%)

Candidates will choose one from the following bank of tasks.

  1. Chefs use a wide range of fruit and vegetables to add colour, flavour and texture to their menus. Using fruit and vegetables produce and serve four interesting dishes that would be popular with customers.
  2. There is a wide variety of dairy products available for chefs to use. Using dairy products produce and serve two sweet and two savoury dishes that could be included on a menu.
  3. Afternoon teas are very popular and are an excellent way for chefs to demonstrate their skills at producing baked products. Prepare, cook and serve four items, at least one of which must be savoury that could be offered as part of an afternoon tea menu.

Task 2 - (40%)

Candidates will choose one from the following bank of tasks. All tasks must cater for two covers.

  1. The local hotel in your area is holding an international week. As the trainee chef you have been invited to take part and have been asked to prepare a two-course meal from a country of your choice.
  2. Celebrity chefs have been promoting the importance of a healthy diet. As a school/college caterer you have been asked to produce and serve a two- course meal that would encourage healthy eating in the school/college restaurant.
  3. You have been selected to represent your school/college in the 'Young Chef of the Year' competition. You have been asked to plan, prepare and serve a two course meal for two covers suitable for customers with a specific dietary need.


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