KS3 Product Design

Year 7

Year 7 is a foundation course where students learn how to use the range of equipment and machinery within the Product Design area.
Health and Safety is taught and students complete a ‘Driving Licence’ as they experience each new piece of major equipment – such as the drilling machine, sanding machine, vacuum former etc.
Lessons are a mixture of design-based and practical work.
Projects include personal logo design, making a wooden container, a laser-engraved keyfob, a vacuum-formed ballbearing puzzle, a message pad and more.

KS3 Product Design Projects - Year 7

Year 8

Product Design lessons in Year 8 continue to develop designing and making skills using a variety of processes, equipment and materials. Typical projects include designing and making a storage container, an electronic keyring/torch and a mechanical toy or automata.

KS3 Product Design Projects - Year 8

Year 9

In Year 9 students utilise the skills learnt in the previous two years to design and make products with increasing levels of independence. Design and Make tasks include production of clocks based on a significant era in design history, air fresheners, storage systems or flower holders using a test tube as a basis for design, photograph frames etc.

KS3 Product Design Projects - Year 9

KS3 Standards 

Year 7 Success Criteria - Product Design 

Year 8 Success Criteria - Product Design 

Year 9 Success Criteria - Product Design