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Media Studies

Media Studies is a GCSE subject that is available for students to select at the end of Year 9 at Options time. It’s a two year course in Years 10 and 11, taught by Mr Stockwell.

Course Outline:

The course is assessed 70% exam and 30% internal assessment.

Media studies encourages students to engage with different aspects of the media: to consider production language; to look at marketing strategies & control and to look at the powerful, influential effects that the media can have on their audiences. We look at print media forms such as magazines (GQ and Pride amongst others), marketing (Bond film posters), newspapers and print advertisements from the This Girl Can campaign and the historical and modern ads from Quality Street. We explore media industries and audiences whilst studying film, radio and video games.

Television sitcoms and crime drama including Luther, The Sweeney, The IT Crowd and Friends generate real interest and when studying music, we look at videos and online media from artists as diverse as Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Duran Duran and Michael Jackson. Convergence of all media forms - especially through social media and websites is important too.

Finally there is a piece that is completed, individually in class time – a production piece that can be a magazine cover, a music video, a film trailer or anything else that the teacher can be convinced to let you have a go at! The students research, plan, produce and evaluate a media text. The Production piece is always very engaging as students enjoy creating original photography and manipulating images to present to different audiences.

If you are interested in media forms, if you like films or watch TV, if you use social media, if you buy stuff….!

If you are any good at English, IT and art then media studies might be for you.

Learning Journey

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