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Media Studies

Media Studies is a GCSE subject that is available for students to select at the end of Year 9 at Options time. It’s a two year course in Years 10 and 11 taught by Mrs Williams and Mr Stockwell.

Course Outline

60% Controlled Assessment (120 marks) and 40 % exam (80 marks) = 200 marks.

The Controlled Assessment consists of three pieces of work that encourage students to engage with different aspects of the media: to consider production language; to look at marketing strategies & control and to look at the powerful, influential effects that the media can have on their audiences.

Textual Investigation One - Genre Study

20 marks, 20% of coursework grade.

This year we will be looking at conventions in film and asking how directors and actors convey meaning. We will focus particularly on texts that make interesting use of genre conventions – such as those that mix genres, for example, horror-comedy, romantic-comedy, sci-fi-action. This is an essay.

Textual Investigation Two - Representation Study

20 marks, 20% of coursework grade.

The students closely analyse a media text. The focus for this year will be CD covers. Using the concept of ‘Codes’ we look at the photographic qualities of the image, the symbols that are suggested and the narratives to which they allude or imply. Students consider how the generic conventions of the music are represented. The work is presented via PowerPoint.

Production Piece

80 marks, 60% of coursework grade.

The students Research, Plan, Produce and Evaluate a media text. This year the focus is magazines. The Production piece is always very engaging as students enjoy creating original photography and manipulating images to present to different audiences.

The Exam components change every year.

This makes up 40% of the course total.

For 2016, the Year 11 will be studying Film. The exam is in two parts, each part awarded marks out of 40. The students study movie trailers and answer questions based on them. They then have a series of tasks to complete where they design and explain film promotional posters.

For 2017, the topic is News in Print and on the Radio (for the current Year 10 pupils.)

For 2018, any student currently in Year 9 and considering opting for Media Studies GCSE will be studying News on Television and on Websites.

Improve your Literacy

Click on the link below and make sure you can spell the words and understand their meanings:

Media Studies Words

Media Studies Revision

Codes and Conventions Revision

Galtung and Ruge

Last Minute Quality Revision

Maslow and Gramsci

Press Regulation

Richard Dyer - Hegemony

Richard Dyer's Theory PowerPoint

Section B Preparation Activity PowerPoint


Terminology Revision

Todorov and Propp

Uses and Gratifications Theory

Uses and Gratifications Theory and News

Web Terms Hook

The Department will provide a revision book focusing on the two key areas for the exam nearer the final exam.

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