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Design and Technology

Design and Technology Department Overview

Welcome to the Design and Technology pages of our website.

The Design and Technology (D&T) Department is part of Brunel College – the College  of Creativity.

Design and Technology is the inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares  our young people for living and working in the designed and made world. Our  facilities are well equipped to deliver up-to-date and relevant courses to prepare  students for life in our increasingly technological society. Our team of specialist staff  are dedicated to ensure that all students have a positive experience within the  department, at whatever level they choose to study D&T to, and to leave school with  a set of skills which will remain useful for the rest of their lives.

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D&T Staff

Mr N Waugh  College Director (Brunel) and Teacher of Product Design
Mr D Stonehouse  Head of Department

Mr B Tait   Assistant Head of Department 

Mrs L Brown   Teacher of Food Studies and Catering
Mrs C Dodds  Teacher of Food Studies and Catering
Mrs C Gell  Teacher of Food Studies and Catering

Mr R Meadows Workshop Technician

D&T Facilities 

Room 123 The Food Zone – primarily used for teaching KS3 Cooking and Nutrition. This room has fully equipped kitchens complete with gas and electric ovens.

Room 124 The Food Zone – also primarily used for teaching KS3 Cooking and Nutrition and equipped with gas and electric ovens and a full range of equipment.

Room 125 The Catering Zone – our superbly equipped catering kitchen with industry -  standard appliances and plenty of space to work. The Catering Zone also has its own changing area for our students to change into their chef’s whites before starting work.

Room 126 The Product Design Zone – fully equipped workshop/studio for working in a range of materials. Facilities include brazing hearth, drilling machine, sanding machine, electric jig saws, vacuum forming equipment , low-temperature    casting system, line bending equipment, and a full range of hand tools.

Room 127 The Product Design and Construction Zone. As well as a full range of machinery for Product Design (drilling, sanding, vacuum-forming, casting etc.) this area is fully equipped to deliver our Construction courses at Key Stage 4 and includes equipment for carpentry/joinery, trowel trades, basic plumbing, tiling, decorating and electrical work.

Room 128 The Product Design Zone. Another workshop/studio fully equipped to deliver D&T at both Key Stages 3 and 4. In addition to the usual facilities for drilling, sanding, sawing etc. we have full facilities for sublimation printing – mug presses, heat press etc... and plastics processing (vacuum forming, pressforming, line bending) alongside low temperature casting systems and a full range of hand and power tools.

Room 129 The ICT Zone – our own dedicated ICT suite, complete with 25 new multi-media PCs with broadband internet access, full A3 laser colour printing and connectivity to our adjacent CADCAM studio which has state of the art 3D printing, laser cutting and vinyl cutting facilities all at our students disposal.

Room 130 The Brunel ‘Hub’ – our latest development isn’t quite ready yet but we hope to be open for business soon! This zone will house a resource centre to be used for subject development work in partnership with outside agencies as well as being a great area for our students and staff to work.

In addition to the teaching areas described above we also have our technician bases and preparation areas where ingredients and materials are prepared for our students and extensive stores carrying a huge range of components, materials and equipment.

D&T Courses


At Key Stage 3 all students have 4 one-hour lessons per timetable cycle allocated to D&T. These are split between the two focus areas of:

KS3 Food Technology
KS3 Product Design

Lessons cover the Programme of Study for the KS3 National Curriculum.


At Key Stage 4 we currently offer the following courses:

GCSE D&T: Product Design

GCSE Catering

Level 1/2 Award in Construction and the Built Environment

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