Modern Foreign Languages

When students start their journey at Rye Hills in Year 7, they will be taught either French or Spanish, and then continue with this language until the end of Year 9. 

During the options process, the EBACC pathway is offered to high prior attaining students, which includes continuing with that language at GCSE. 

Over the course of their time with us, students will be taught a core foundation of grammar and vocabulary, designed to improve both their second language and their English. 

Learning a foreign language builds skills which are valuable for both future study and the world of work. We emphasise these during lessons to ensure students understand the relevance of MFL in the modern world. 

The skills are;

MFL Skills

Students are expected to learn vocabulary for homework and we facilitate this using Quizlet (online) which offers a range of recall activities. 

We are exceptionally proud of our GCSE results. In 2019, our students gained outstanding results which placed our department in the top 20% of schools nationally. 

Learning Journey

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