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Year 11 Maths Summer Tasks 2018

Edexcel Paper 1F Non Calculator

Edexcel Paper 1H Non Calculator

Edexcel Paper 2F Calculator

Edexcel Paper 2H Calculator

Edexcel Paper 3F Calculator

Edexcel Paper 3H Calculator

Year 11 Weekend Tasks - June 2018

PiXL PPE May 2018 Edexcel Paper 3 Higher Question Paper

PiXL PPE May 2018 Edexcel Paper 3 Higher Worked Solutions

PiXL PPE May 2018 Edexcel Paper 3 Foundation Question Paper

PiXL PPE May 2018 Edexcel Paper 3 Foundation Worked Solutions

Year 11 Maths Winter Tasks 2017

Complete these past papers over the Christmas break and earn Prom Points.





Year 11 Maths Summer Tasks 2017

Foundation Paper 1

Foundation Paper 2

Foundation Paper 3

Higher Paper 1

Higher Paper 2

Higher Paper 3

Improve your Literacy

Click on the link below and make sure you can spell the following words and understand their meanings: 

Need a dictionary?

KS3 Standards

To view the KS3 Standards click here.


Year 7 and 8 Subject Overview

Year 9 Subject Overview Foundation

Year 9 Subject Overview Intermediate


Year 10 Subject Overview - Foundation

Year 10 Subject Overview - Higher

Year 11 Subject Overview - Foundation

Year 11 Subject Overview - Higher

The topics covered in detail during Year 11 will be determined via diagnostic testing during the year to ensure that there is a focus on key parts of the syllabus where understanding is not yet secure.

The topics and order in which they are covered will therefore vary depending on the class.


The revision resource recommended by the department is the CGP "GCSE Maths Buster" DVD-ROM which is available from the school."

There are also companion apps available for this revision guide for Apple and Android phones.

The best website to use is www.mymaths.co.uk - Students have personalised passwords and can access targeted homeworks and booster pack.


Search for it in the Android store or iTunes.

A good starting point might be The Maths e-book of Notes and Examples.

How to revise

The links below are suitable for everyone - whether you are revising for half term tests, end of year exams or GCSEs. Also not just for maths!

Timetable - have you worked out when you are going to revise each subject? Here's a start for you.

Want a new way to revise? Try these ideas.

Those not good enough? Try some more here.

GCSE Revision

GCSE Bitesize

Video Tutorials - some Foundation, some Higher topics demonstrated by someone new

Foundation Facts - a sheet of facts you must know at Foundation level.

Higher Facts - Higher version (but you must know the Foundadtion Facts too)

Past Edexcel Exam Questions - past papers and also scroll down to the split into topics sections

Mind Maps - a different way to revise? Use the ones under Standard Grade and S1/S2/S3

Practice Questions - lots of questions on lots of topics (based on the Scottish system so only go as far as Intermediate)

Skool - Algebra and Shape video tutorials

m4ths - video clips helping you with all your favourite GCSE maths topics

Grade C revision - topics you need to revise

Grade B revision - topics you need to revise

Grade A/A* revision - topics you need to revise

Foundation Topics - a wall of video clips

HIGHER - 1 question per topic. Try this document and see where the gaps are.

FOUNDATION - 1 question per topic. Try this document and see where the gaps are.

www.mrbartonmaths.com  - GSCE Takeaway Revision

www.mrcartermaths.com - Revison help

AQA GCSE Maths Past Papers and Assessment Resources - Past papers to practise and revise 

Maths Geek - AQA GCSE Maths Past Papers

Key Stage 3 Revision

BBC Bitesize

Woodlands School - some good revision games and a great Tables Revision page