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Science (KS3)

Carmel Education Trust: SSIF Science Project 2019

Dear parents/carers

We are currently involved in the ‘SSIF Science’ project with Carmel Education Trust. In the project, leaders at the school and science teachers are participating in training to support pupils with developing their thinking skills in lessons and help with their revision. We are also looking at the way in which science is lead and monitored in the school.

This project will take place in the usual science lessons, and some pupils might receive some slightly different lessons in science as a result.

The project is funded by the Department for Education, who have approved the project as it has a strong evidence-base and is likely to lead to improved outcomes for pupils who participate. Similar approaches to these have been used in other local schools to good effect.

As part of researching and evaluating the effectiveness of the project, we are asked to report information about the project to Carmel Education Trust, who in turn report to the Department of Education. This report includes data about the following:

  • Pupil performance

  • Pupil perceptions via interviews and questionnaires

  • Teacher perceptions via interviews and questionnaires

Please note that although individual responses are collected, we are using a system of anonymised codes. This means that no pupil names or other personal details are transferred to Carmel Education Trust. No names or details of children will be used in the reports to the Department of Education or any other reports of the outcomes of this project, such as those that might be published in educational research journals.

Pupils are given the option of withdrawing their consent for the use of their responses to questionnaires as part of the project at the time that they complete them. As parents/carers, you can also request that the responses that your child gives are not included in the research and evaluation. Please note that withdrawal of consent would not withdraw your child from the project. If this is the case, please contact the Head of Science, Mr Paleschi.

Further details regarding data protection, including the privacy notice for Carmel Education Trust Teaching School services can be found at:


KS3 Revision

Year 7 Topics to Revise

BBC Bitesize - KS3 Science

  • Muscles

  • Organs

  • Cells and cell structures

  • Ecosystems and selective breeding/natural selection

  • Variation in genes

  • Distillation 

  • Plant reproduction

  • Solids, Liquids and gases

  • Particle model

  • Compounds

  • Elements and mixtures

  • Combustion

  • Burning fuels

  • Space (Day, night, seasons, Eclipses etc)

  • Energy and energy transfer

  • Atoms Elements and Mixtures

  • Gas Pressure

  • Forces and friction

  • Reversible/ Irreversible reactions

  • Microscopes

  • Combustion

Year 8 Topics to Revise

  • Diet 

  • Energy

  • Photosynthesis

  • Metal reactions

  • Properties of metals 

  • Rocks and the rock cycle

  • Insulation

  • Heat transfers

  • Speed (including the speed equation)

  • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

  • Pressure (gas)

  • Cells

  • Breathing and the respiratory system

  • Sound and sound waves

GCSE Resources Link

A link to a 'share point' has been set up for  all GCSE students (Y9-11) which allows you access via your emails to a wide variety of GCSE resources' to help you with your revision and GCSE preparation:

GCSE Resources Link

KS3 Standards

To view the KS3 Standards please click here.

Curriculum Information


The KS3 curriculum is delivered through Exploring Science over a two year course. 

It is a combination of inspiring and engaging Physics, Chemistry and Biology topics. 

Areas covered include:

Year 7


Year 8



Long Term Plans

Year 7


Year 8



Year 9

Year 9 long term plans are included in the document for KS4:

GCSE Science Long Term Plans for KS4